Nox App Player 6 – Download Nox Android Emulator on Windows & Mac

Nox Android Emulator is packed with a horde of advanced features and user – friendly options that gives it an edge ahead of its competitors. Its performance is commendable and it does not affect your PC’s overall performance. The interface is smooth and does not lag even while using heavy apps or games.

It is easy to download and install Nox app player on Windows and Mac OS. All you need is the latest version of this Android emulator which is Nox Player 6

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Nox App Player System Requirements

With an array of features packed into this lightweight emulator, let us quickly see the minimum system requirements that are necessary for you to run Nox Emulator on PC.

  • Your PC should have at least 2 GB RAM or more to optimally run Nox App Player.
  • A processor unit with speed of 2.2 GHz or above is recommended.
  • Your system must also be equipped with a graphics card of at least 1 GB although ideally a better graphics card would enhance the performance of Nox.

​Download Nox For PC

windows 10
​1. Go to the folder where you saved the file
2. ​Install the software just like any other app.
3. Launch Nox App Player after installing it.
4. ​Enter your Gmail ID and Password to login to Google account.
5. Now, Nox player 6 is ready and you can install Android apps on your PC

​Download Nox For Mac OS

mac os
​1. Download Nox Emulator on your Mac
2. Install the software successfully.
3. Launch Nox App Player and sign in to your Google Account.
4. You can use your existing Gmail ID and Password.
5. Now, install apps from Google Play Store or manually on your Mac PC/Laptop.

Now, Let us quickly discuss the amazing features that come bundled with Nox App Player for PC.

Features Of Nox Player 6

The latest version of this emulator, Nox Player 6 runs smoothly on any variant of Windows above Windows 7. Some other emulators in the market are known to have compatibility issues with Windows 10. Users opting for Nox emulator have nothing to worry about as this emulator runs seamlessly on Windows 10 operating system as well. Talking about other features of Nox Player:

  • Nox App Player has very quick responses and does not lag during peak performances too.
  • The player is designed around Android version 4.4.4 Kernel – this might be old but is high on compatibility and does its job smoothly.
  • The interface and performance is very stable which is great for users who will use this to watch video contents or for gaming.
  • Nox is designed with gaming as the core! Users will have the best gaming experience when it comes to gaming via Android Emulators. Users can play PubG game as well.
  • Users can access not just games, but any and every app from the Google Play Store.
  • Shaking/Vibration feature is also available like on Android devices.
  • Key mapping is very easy and controls are user-friendly for optimum gaming experience.

Nox Android Emulator vs BlueStacks

  • it is difficult to choose the best of the lot! BlueStacks is another such emulator, which has been quite popular among users. There has always been speculation about which of these two Android emulators is the best at what they do.
  • Although both Nox Player and BlueStacks were designed with gamers in mind, both serve the functionality when it comes to other apps and features pretty well.
  • Nox emulator offers its users an interface designed around stock Android version 4.4.4 Kernel, which is compatible with X86/AMD.
  • This gives it an edge above BlueStacks. Moreover, Nox is much more slick and fast when it comes to high – resolution performance.
  • There have been some concerns regarding lag issues in BlueStacks. Nox Emulator on the other hand performs seamlessly and there is no lag or freezing of screens at all even during high intensity games.
  • While most basic functions like Mic – integration, keyboard typing, camera, facebook access etc. remains quite similar for both these emulators; what makes Nox stand out is the option to connect a game pad or game controller while gaming via the emulator.
  • This is a nifty feature and can be of great advantage to those who are using emulators primarily for gaming.
  • The key mapping feature in Nox is also very user – friendly and it also has multiple window support.
  • For basic use, both work well but Nox is truly one step ahead of BlueStacks in terms of hard – core performance and features in the long run.

Final Review on Nox App Player

Nox app player for PC is not only an amazing emulator for first timers but is actually a great replacement for all pre – existing Android emulators in the market. It is completely free to use and it very light on your PC performance. There are barely any complaints regarding its response speed, or regarding lags or frozen screens. With amazing key mapping features and game controller compatibility, it is definitely a must try for those who use Emulators for gaming. Nox emulator is gaining popularity due to its impeccable features and it is leapfrogging its way to the top beating all its competitors. If you want to recreate an Android environment on your PC and access Android apps right on your PC, try Nox App Player for PC today!

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